What Should Be Our Attitude Toward God?

[Or:  “What Would Jesus, a Real Man, Do?]

How should we think of God as we go about our daily lives?

The starting point that immediately suggests itself is that of a present father.  He does not want us to be timid and cowering, but grateful and joyful, loving not only Him but also focused on — and loving — the rest of His creation.  It’s all right to be quizzical and to ask for things, but always with respect, and His will be done.

Think of how Jesus acted.

He was not generally gloomy (though He did have His pensive moments), but serene.  He was not without emotion — He wept, He was angry at the moneychangers, He dreaded being crucified — but he was no hysteric.

He was brave.  He did what He thought was right and did not care what others thought or did to him or said about Him.

He was a leader.  He was not a loner but did not mind being alone, and sometimes He needed to be alone.

He prayed a lot and, though He was a part of this world, He never lost sight of living the way His Father wanted Him to live.

He respected His earthly parents but went His own way.  He respected women and was kind to children and the less fortunate.

He was a stand-up guy.  He was willing to speak out.  He was wiling to confront authorities.

He reasoned and argued; He didn’t yell and cut people off.  He taught.  He helped people.  He provided food.  (He had a barbecue, grilling fish right after the Resurrection!)

He was smart and well-read. He had a sense of humor.  He was in charge.

Jesus was a real man.  And God our Father would want us to act like Jesus in our attitude and relationship with Him.