Happy Easter!: The Perfect Miracle

Happy Easter!  He is risen! I had written during Advent last year about the sensicality of the way Jesus taught and died.  And today is a good time to add that His great post-death event — the Resurrection — makes perfect sense, too. It made sense for Jesus to offer some proof for His divinity … [Read more…]

Happiness, Arthur Brooks, and the Bible

I should begin this post by acknowledging that the Bible is God’s Word on, especially, how He wants us to live, and it ought to be followed whether or not doing so makes us happy.  Indeed, there’s no question but that sometimes following the Word will lead to short-term suffering, up to and including death. … [Read more…]

Exodus Odds and Ends

The just-completed sermon series in our church here was on Exodus, chapters 16-20, and I thought it worthwhile to collect a few thoughts prompted by it.  So below I have one thought on each chapter — plus an opening and closing thought, not tied to any particular chapter. *** Opening thought:  Our pastor noted in … [Read more…]