Douglas Bond, “The Mighty Weakness of John Knox”

John Knox (c. 1514-1572) was a Scottish minister and Reformed theologian, who was a leader in his country’s Reformation and, indeed, the founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland.  This book is one of the “Long Line of Godly Men Profile” series, other titles of which I’ve also reviewed on this blogsite.  The idea of … [Read more…]

Today’s News: John 19:1-23

In reading the first half of John 19 the other day, I was struck with how real, how straightforward the narration is.  It does not read like a made-up mythopoetic fantasy, but instead like reportage (I’m paraphrasing C.S. Lewis).  But see what you think: Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged. The soldiers twisted together … [Read more…]

Some Thoughts on Epistle Reliability

The Gospels read like unembellished eyewitness accounts of Jesus’ life (per C.S. Lewis and Richard Bauckham, among others), and I’ve devoted other posts to the historicity of, and Luke’s reason for writing, Acts (see here and here).  But what about the various New Testament epistles? [Footnote:  The remaining New Testament book, Revelation, is also an … [Read more…]

“The Most Reluctant Convert” (film)

This movie tells the story of C.S. Lewis’s early life and, in particular, his conversion from atheism to Christianity.  It ends with the completion of the conversion in the early 1930s (so there is no discussion of Lewis’s own apologetic works, his BBC broadcasts, his marriage to Joy Davidman, and so forth).  The movie stars … [Read more…]