Team of Non-Rivals

When you think about it, the complementarity of the early church leaders was interesting, and its dynamics must have been, too. So is the fact that each of them authored Scripture. *** Regarding the interplay of personalities and backgrounds, think in particular of Peter, Paul, and James — a group that can, I think, be … [Read more…]

Paul: Messenger and Message

At our church, last Sunday’s sermon — which was on a few verses in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians (4:17-24) — made the point that we should not think ourselves unworthy of salvation because of shame for our past sinful behavior. It was noted in this context that it is unlikely that many of us … [Read more…]

What’s the Script on Scripture?

Why would our God choose to inspire humans to write the texts that make up the Bible? The short answer has to be, So that other humans will read these texts and be encouraged to behave in a particular way (in this post, behaving includes not only one’s external actions but also one’s internal motives … [Read more…]