Happy Easter!: The Perfect Miracle

Happy Easter!  He is risen!

I had written during Advent last year about the sensicality of the way Jesus taught and died.  And today is a good time to add that His great post-death event — the Resurrection — makes perfect sense, too.

It made sense for Jesus to offer some proof for His divinity (even if it was proof that might not be accepted for one reason or another by many).  When you think about it, the logical way to do this was to do something supernatural, something that only a divine being could do.  Now, in theory this might be any sort of miracle, and of course Jesus had already performed lots of other miracles.  But the Resurrection miracle makes the most sense, makes perfect sense.

There are miracles and there are miracles, but vanquishing death:  That is a BIG miracle.  What’s more, immortality is of course the classic marker of the divine.

And, for Christians, there’s much more than even that.  This miracle showing His eternal life also demonstrates the possibility of our eternal life.  The promise of eternal life, of course, was central to Jesus’ ministry.  Finally, if sin results in death, then if there is no death then there is no sin.  But we know that we sin, so something must have happened to erase it.  Thus, as a theological matter our resurrection means our salvation.  We have, then, salvation and eternal life.

Again, Happy Easter!  He is risen indeed!