D. James Kennedy, “Skeptics Answered”

Some good nuggets:  The ancient critics of Christianity did not deny that Jesus existed; only recent critics have done that (75-78).  John Stuart Mill argued that that a bunch of fishermen could not have made up Jesus’ wisdom (92); but that at least confirms Christianity’s wisdom, does it not?  And Herbert Hoover said man needs more than a savior:  He needs a suffering savior, who can understand him and feel his pain (129).

On the other hand:  The author confuses H.G. Wells and Orson Welles (95); he also has Mencken writing for the New York Times rather than the Baltimore Sun (96) (but he also has a great Mencken quote on the historicity of Jesus and the Resurrection (!)).  He doesn’t really give an adequate answer to, “Is Jesus the Only Way?”  And he says Protestants (“real Christians”) are not to blame for the Inquisition (116).

Finally, there’s a lot of chaff mixed in with the wheat in his discussion of the problem of evil and suffering.  That’s actually true of much of the book.