Two Easter Sermon Take-Aways

I usually like the sermons given by our church’s head pastor, and you’d expect any pastor to be trying especially hard on Easter. Sure enough, he made two really good points this past Sunday, and I’d like to share them.

The first is that the most important thing any parent can do in raising a child is to teach him or her the Resurrection story. Think about that. Get this right, and you can make a lot of other mistakes. But get it wrong, and the child is going to have troubles.

The second — which he did not claim to be his own insight, but in something he had read recently — is that the evidence that the Resurrection occurred is so strong that, if it had involved anything else, no one would doubt it. (He discussed Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ in this context, and that’s one of my favorite books, too.) But, our pastor continued, there are two things that cause people to avoid admitting the Resurrection to be true. Number one, it was an unusual event. And, number two, if true it requires you to change how you live.