Challenge for the Month

So, on this first day of September, consider this challenge, gentle reader:  As you sit there, pick up any object near to hand, and see if it does not contain in it something to strike wonder in you.

A wooden pencil?  Consider then a tree.  Consider also how complicated the manufacture of a pencil is.  Your cup of coffee?  That, too, is amazing when you think about — both the coffee and the cup.  A book?  Well, how wonder-full it is will vary from book to book, but anything reflecting the human mind amazes.  Your computer (be it desk-top, lap-top, iPad, iPhone, whatever) — oh, come on!

It is much easier, in short, to see everything as a miracle than to see nothing as one.

[A few footnotes:  On trees, see of course this poem; and on the amazing pencil, see this link; and here’s the allusion in the final line.]