The question of predestination is one of an intricacy disproportionate to its interest, to paraphrase Chief Justice John Marshall, or at least its relevance to us on earth in leading our lives (interesting phrase, by the way: leading a life instead of, say, living it). What I mean is that we cannot be so sure … [Read more…]

How Should You “Cultivate Faith”?

I’ve noted elsewhere on this site (see especially “Why I Am a Christian (and You Should Be, Too), in 600 Words”) my take on Pascal’s Wager as pressing Christians to cultivate the faith they choose to declare.  That is, one doesn’t just say, okay, I believe, and then forget about it; one must act accordingly … [Read more…]

Another Poem

Theolimerick   A polymath Frenchman named Blaise Said the wise thing to give God is praise. “If you’re right, you’re all set; If you’re wrong, no big fret; But if wrong when you dis Him — the blaze!”

“Pasquale in the Alley”

That’s the title I gave to this piece I wrote for National Review Online (posted April 2, 2007).  Here it is: Pasquale in the Alley Religion in black and white. By Roger Clegg — April 2, 2007 Pasquale was the smartest guy I knew, so when I had my doubts, I went to him. He … [Read more…]

A Flipside to Pascal’s Wager?

If you believe in good and evil, if you believe that your existence has purpose — then you believe in God.  So the Christian outcome is not only a reason to believe; if you believe, then the outcome must also be true.

What’s True and What Might Be True

I wonder if a lot of theology shouldn’t be more tentative, given for example the ambiguity of some Scripture to us and the unknowability to us of much of God’s handiwork. Thus, for all we Protestants know Mary could be the “Queen of Heaven,” but no Catholic can know that for sure.  And, with many … [Read more…]

Is “Cultivating Faith” Dishonest?

In my “600 words” essay, I said that Pascal’s wager should lead us to “cultivate one’s faith.”  Here are some preliminary thoughts on that, and in particular on whether doing so is somehow dishonest. There are different models that can be followed in truth-seeking, and more than one can be legitimate.  For starters, it is … [Read more…]

Pascal’s Wager and the Old Folks

My “600 words” all apply to them, but Pascal’s wager is especially favorable to the old. Consider:  (1) As a preliminary matter, they have less excuse to avoid making their choice. (2) The “next life” considerations are stronger for them, since the next life is closer. (3) The “this life” considerations — and this is … [Read more…]