Douglas Gresham, “Jack’s Life”

This biography of C.S. Lewis by one of his stepsons is a short and enjoyable read.  It doesn’t really offer any insight into his work, but it does make clear what a selfless man he was (and not just with Joy, but also with Janie More, Warnie, and others).  Not very well edited; sometimes it … [Read more…]

Frank Morrison, “Who Moved the Stone?”

A really good book, an intelligent and close reading of the texts surrounding the Resurrection.  I wonder if C.S. Lewis ever said anything about it; he and the author were both Brits writing about the same time and on similar journeys. How could the motley crew of disciples — poor, persecuted, not well-connected, in leaderless … [Read more…]

R.K. Harrison (editor), “Major Cities of the Biblical World”

This 1985 book includes as authors Peter Craigie, Edwin Yamauchi, and John Wilkinson. At least some of the entries (by city) are by believers; maybe they all are (Thomas Nelson publisher). An interesting approach:  Lots of secular history and archaeology, in addition to the Bible itself. There is much that corroborates the historicity of the … [Read more…]

William Griffin, “Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life”

This is a scene-by-scene/each-year-a-chapter biography by a Harcourt Brace Jovanovich/Macmillan editor.  I wasn’t really ready for another Lewis biography, having just finished The Narnian (in February 2012, discussed elsewhere on this site), so I just read the introductory material and chapter 1 (“1925”) and then all that piqued my interest from the index entries.

C.S. Lewis, “Letters to an American Lady”

First of all, note that these are letters not to Joy Davidson, but to another American lady.  She’s a Southerner, older and frequently ill, which prompts Lewis to say that, though he has been critical of Britain’s welfare state, he likes the fact that everyone there has free healthcare — though he recognizes it means … [Read more…]