Robert J. Wicks, “Everyday Simplicity: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Growth”

The author is a Catholic professor and counselor; the book is not just for Christians.  It’s a quick and easy read:  about 200 pages, with small pages and lots of white space.  Some notes:

  • Here’s a good Thomas Merton quote (133):  “Admit your mistakes, then move on.”
  • The book emphasizes the importance of being 95 percent in the present, rather than worrying about the past or future.
  • Prayer and meditation tips are provided:  (a) sit with the back straight and hands in the lap; (b) breathe easily and deeply through the nose; (c) let your thoughts move through you like a train, and don’t stop or get on any one car; and (d) use a one-word mantra (love, Jesus, kindness, etc.) to “center your heart.”
  • Here’s an interesting idea (chapter 6):  Look at yourself objectively and ask what sort of person God wants you to be, in light of your innate gifts.
  • A central, Methodist-like theme is “Forming ‘A Little Rule’:  Developing a Practice of Prayer,” which involves silence, solitude, prayer, Scripture, faith-sharing — all on a regular basis (a chapter on each in this section).

So there are some good things in the book, but not much great or profound.