C.S. Lewis, “Surprised by Joy” (audiobook)

I had read this book before, so these are just some thoughts on listening later to the audiobook: There is surprisingly little on Christianity per se.  It covers his early life through his conversion, but ends there.  He first became a theist, and the book really focuses on that rather than his becoming a Christian … [Read more…]

“Letters of C.S. Lewis” (1966 ed.)

In this collection, I noted the Christian reading list in this letter excerpt (page 345): The first real work of the Gospels on a fresh reader is, and ought to be, to raise very acutely the question, “Who or What is this?”  For there is a good deal in the character which, unless He really … [Read more…]

N.T. Wright, “What Saint Paul Really Said”

Wright suggests the world was not particularly ready for the Christian message per se, though it was ready for its spreading, technologically (85-86). He writes much about how Jewish Paul was — a dissident Jew, of course (like a prophet), but a Jew nonetheless.  Paul did not see himself as an apostate or as starting … [Read more…]

C.S. Lewis, “The Pilgrim’s Regress”

These are just a few notes I made; as a fan of just about everything Lewis wrote, I’m hesitant to post something so limited on an extended work of his, fearing that someone might think this is all I thought noteworthy.  With that caveat, here’s what I happened to jot down: I thought important this … [Read more…]

Garry Wills, “What the Gospels Meant”

This is the third book I read by this author; see the discussion of his What Jesus Meant for my general take on how reading them turned out to be something of a pleasant surprise (the other book of his discussed on this site is What Paul Meant). Some notes on this book in particular: … [Read more…]

Garry Wills, “What Paul Meant”

See the introductory remarks in my discussion elsewhere on this site of the same author’s What Jesus Meant, noting that reading Wills’s books on the Bible was (somewhat surprisingly to me) a net plus.  Some other notes on this book: An excellent introduction puts Paul in context. Wills’s book is similar to Sarah Ruden’s Paul … [Read more…]

Garry Wills, “What Jesus Meant”

Given the author’s aggressively liberal politics, I began reading this (and his other) works on the Bible with some trepidation, but was pleasantly surprised.  Not that the political liberalism is absent, mind you, but it does not overpower much that is good and worthwhile, whatever one’s politics.  The book’s foreword, in particular, is wonderful.  There … [Read more…]