Love: A Couple of June Thoughts

Love is a big deal to Christians, of course, and today starts a big month for love, with all those weddings and June-moon-tune-swoon-spoon rhyming.  So here’s a couple of thoughts to begin the next thirty days:

Love makes you feel good, makes you do good things, and is good not only for you but for other people.  (And it is not fattening!)

Consider its opposite:  hate.  It makes you feel bad, makes you do bad things, and is bad not only for you but for other people.  (And there’s probably some way that it is fattening, or at least not good for your physical health.)

This is not to say that love never causes problems, or that it is unique among the virtues in its broad benefits.  But when you consider how much good it does, and that often self-improvement is only about self — well, love is special.

So get out there this month, and love God and one another!

P.S.  Of course, the discussion here is not limited to romantic love, and I should also make clear that, conversely, it does not include any “love” that the Bible forbids, notably gay sex.