God’s Gift to Children: Mansplaining and Nagging

I had the thought that is the subject of this blogpost the other day, and I’m not sure it is really God-related.  But perhaps there is some connection to, say, Genesis 3:16 (NLT), and in all events it may be evidence of Providence in the way God made them male and female.  Anyhow, here goes:

Popular stereotypes/complaints are that men are know-it-all mansplainers and that women are bossy nags.  Now, let us suppose, just for the sake of argument, that there might be just a little bit of truth to this.

As annoying as these traits are between adult men and women (or, for that matter, between adult men and men or between adult women and women), there is actually some value in them when it comes to childrearing.  After all, children need to have things explained to them, and children need to be bossed and reminded.

Thus, it might be annoying for a colleague to launch into an impromptu description of the solar system just because you have driven by Planet Hollywood, but it’s not a bad thing for a kid to hear from Dad.  And while you may not like it when your nosy next-door neighbor tells you that it’s too cold to be walking around without your beanie, it’s probably good that Mom is on the case with junior.

Just a thought.