Eric Metaxas, “Miracles”

This is a very good book by a well-known and acclaimed Christian author today, the first of his I think I’ve read.  The first part talks about how life and the universe itself is miraculous (the narrow range of conditions essential, etc.), and the second part is series of modern-day miracles attested to by people … [Read more…]

Devin Brown, “A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C.S. Lewis”

As the title advertises, this biography focuses on C.S. Lewis’s spiritual life; its method is largely to quote from Lewis’s own words and letters, and there is not a lot of authorial speculation.  So the book is straightforward and reliable, but there’s not much to surprise anyone already familiar with Lewis’s life and works.  Still … [Read more…]

Hershel Shanks & Ben Witherington III, “The Brother of Jesus: The Dramatic Story and Meaning of the First Archaeological Link to Jesus and His Family”

This is a really interesting book — two books really, as discussed below.  I’ve observed elsewhere that, if you take the New Testament seriously or are thinking of doing so, you’d love to get biographical information of anyone who was both an important author and an important actor in that book, and James (along with … [Read more…]

Philip Yancey, “The Bible Jesus Read”

See the mostly favorable post elsewhere on this site for Mr. Yancey’s The Jesus I Never Knew, which includes some general background information about him.  This book is also worth reading — and some of it very much so (see chapter-by-chapter comments below).  As with his other book, there is some political correctness here, but … [Read more…]

“Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend” (Ravi Zacharias ed.)

This anthology begins with “Challenges from …” various quarters, such as postmodernism, atheism, eastern religions, and science, followed by sections that are harder to characterize, except that everything in the book is about apologetics.  Not every contribution is great, but overall the book is certainly worthwhile, and received positive reviews from J.P. Moreland and William … [Read more…]