Faith and Works

The topic of this post is the extent to which a Christian, in addition to having faith, needs to worry about performing good works.  Sure, maybe it’s presumptuous for me to opine on such a profound issue, but let me start by noting that it would be a mistake to agonize over reaching the right … [Read more…]

Three Challenges

There are three challenges that a Christian faces:  (1) maintaining his faith in God; (2) figuring out what God wants us to do; and (3) doing it.  Different people might find different challenges most difficult; we all may face any of them from time to time; and of course it’s not just the committed Christian … [Read more…]

What Triggers “Adoration”?

I like the categorization of prayer into A-C-T-S:  that is, adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.  Every night, I run through that list and try to recall events of the day that fit into each box. I’ll admit, though, that the first category is the trickiest, especially since it’s very easy to say you adore God … [Read more…]

A Poem

Son   His science project’s home is here; Its title is, “The Bean.” Heliotropically, ten plants veer, Then toward the window lean.   Back to the desk my gaze then goes And finds a truth I’ll limn: His confirmation picture shows I’m leaning, too, toward him.

A Note on the God-Man Relationship

Westerners are so used to thinking about the God-man relationship in the Judeo-Christian way that we forget there are all kinds of other possibilities. A god might have a variety of different personalities, of varying degrees of sophistication; and the degree of concern he might have with the fate of humanity could vary widely, too … [Read more…]

What Should Be Our Attitude Toward God?

[Or:  “What Would Jesus, a Real Man, Do?] How should we think of God as we go about our daily lives? The starting point that immediately suggests itself is that of a present father.  He does not want us to be timid and cowering, but grateful and joyful, loving not only Him but also focused … [Read more…]


The Old Testament and New Testament are each multigenre.  Both have much historical narrative; both have some apocalyptic writing.  Of course, the New Testament quotes the Old Testament, and there are songs, poetry, and prayers in each.  The New Testament lacks a listing of laws per se (no surprise there!).  The New Testament epistles most … [Read more…]