C.S. Lewis, “Christian Reflections”

Just a couple of notes: (1) The first part of his “Psalms’ (115-17) — on what we have in common with (and how we differ from) the Greeks and Romans versus the Hebrews — is great. (2) It’s thought-provoking that he thinks Jesus got some genes from Mary (121).


The question of predestination is one of an intricacy disproportionate to its interest, to paraphrase Chief Justice John Marshall, or at least its relevance to us on earth in leading our lives (interesting phrase, by the way: leading a life instead of, say, living it). What I mean is that we cannot be so sure … [Read more…]

Fun Facts about the Bible

Every biblical author but one (Luke, who also wrote Acts) was Jewish. One the other hand, Luke and Acts together are one-fourth of the New Testament. Also on the other hand, there are two other books (besides Luke) named for Gentiles, namely Ruth and Job. Job, by the way, is considered the oldest book in … [Read more…]

Three Challenges

There are three challenges that a Christian faces:  (1) maintaining his faith in God; (2) figuring out what God wants us to do; and (3) doing it.  Different people might find different challenges most difficult; we all may face any of them from time to time; and of course it’s not just the committed Christian … [Read more…]

How Should You “Cultivate Faith”?

I’ve noted elsewhere on this site (see especially “Why I Am a Christian (and You Should Be, Too), in 600 Words”) my take on Pascal’s Wager as pressing Christians to cultivate the faith they choose to declare.  That is, one doesn’t just say, okay, I believe, and then forget about it; one must act accordingly … [Read more…]

What Triggers “Adoration”?

I like the categorization of prayer into A-C-T-S:  that is, adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.  Every night, I run through that list and try to recall events of the day that fit into each box. I’ll admit, though, that the first category is the trickiest, especially since it’s very easy to say you adore God … [Read more…]

Another Poem

Theolimerick   A polymath Frenchman named Blaise Said the wise thing to give God is praise. “If you’re right, you’re all set; If you’re wrong, no big fret; But if wrong when you dis Him — the blaze!”

A Poem

Son   His science project’s home is here; Its title is, “The Bean.” Heliotropically, ten plants veer, Then toward the window lean.   Back to the desk my gaze then goes And finds a truth I’ll limn: His confirmation picture shows I’m leaning, too, toward him.